Ancient Hoi An is probably the most popular destination in the central coastal region, but getting a view of it from the Hoai River at sunset shows how little it has changed in a thousand years. 

A new tour capitalises on the river that winds through a town once one of the busiest ports in East and Southeast Asia.

The cruise is on an old fishing boat that has been modified and fitted out with cushioned seats and a bed room for overnight stays.

A small cooking area provides tasty snacks for tourists as they bask in the fading rays of the sun.

The cruise, which is perfect for a group of four to six people, provides an insight into the way Asians still cling to river banks and use the streams as markets and highways.

The cruise also carries kayaks and bikes for those who want to explore further.

Tourists can take a bike ride to visit the 400-year-old Tra Nhieu port, once a port for junks sailing along the river. When the junks were replaced with larger vessels, the port became too small and closed.

Visitors can also see the mat making village of Dong Binh or another totally involved in weaving nets.

The boat cruises slowly along the river waiting for the sun to highlight an image of the ancient town. Those on board slip into mojito cocktails, beers and snacks.

The tour operator also has a floating bar to serve kayakers mid-stream. Made from a converted coracle, it carries food and drinks.