Tay Tuu flower market

night flower market, hanoi, tay tuu, quang ba, me linh

Bright yellow daisies at night. Photo: dulichvietnam

Nearly 20km from the center of Hanoi, Tay Tuu flower village in Tu Liem district has a long-time floriculture and this trade is growing strongly. Every year, Tay Tuu provides domestic and international markets with over 250 million flowers of all kinds.

At night, gardeners go to the field to cut flowers. The yellow daisies, red roses, purple hearth-bells and colorful carnations are still wet by mist. Flower buyers are mainly flower distributors, who buy big bundles of flowers right at the field.

The Tay Tuu night flower market opens right at the flower field. Flowers are not displayed like in flower shops but they are piled up on paths at edge of flower fields, lightened up by flashlight. So buyers cannot select each flower. The transaction takes place very quickly. By about 3 am, the remaining flowers will be transported into large wholesale markets in the city.

Me Linh night flower markets

night flower market, hanoi, tay tuu, quang ba, me linh

From downtown, by motorcycle on the North Thang Long – Noi Bai highway or take bus number 7, you will reach the flower village of Me Linh. Floriculture has been here for more than 10 years. This land is the most suitable for growing roses – the queen of flowers.

However, the Me Linh night flower market not only sells flowers grown in Me Linh village but also products from other regions such as Dong Anh, Gia Lam and Phuc Yen…

The market also takes place in the night and closes when it is still dark in the morning.

Quang Ba night flower market

night flower market, hanoi, tay tuu, quang ba, me linh

In another corner of Hanoi, Quang Ba night flower market in Tay Ho district also sells only one product – flowers. This is the most crowded flower market in Hanoi. It is the best to go to Quang Ba flower market at about 3am – 4am. At that time, trucks of flowers of all kinds and all colors flock to the market.

In addition to domestic flowers, the market also has many other exotic flowers such as iris, delphiniums, tulips … since this is the gathering place for famous brands flowers from flower villages in Hanoi to the distant names like Da Lat, China and even the Netherlands.

Close to the city center and as the largest flower market in Hanoi, Quang Ba has long become the dating place of young people, the ideal destination for photographers and for tourists.

Source: Vietnam Net