Dear Mr Long / Director- Charms Of Indochina Travel

We’re all having a wondewrful time. Both you & Vicki has been taking very good care of all of us and Roger Yue is a most capable captain. The tours and food so far are enjoyable and well arranged. Karen is enjoying shopping with her gang like Janice, Jessica, Cecilia, Belinda, Monica, Kenneth, etc. I’m joining the drinking kakis like G, Mohan, Andrew and Long.

The young ones from Mohan’s family are noisily having fun all the time while newly Anin & Sheila are enjoying their honeymoon.

Long is most accomodating to the request from the ladies for shopping and more shopping but also made sure the men are well taken care of. Am not able to go out after dinner tonite due to haeavy rain so the ladies are yakking in the lobby while the men are trying their best to finish the Black Label whisky which Andrew brought for dinner. G’s 3/4 fifnished Baccrdi rum is given to Vicki to take home to enjoy with her sisters. Long & Vicki and all of us werw singing in the bus as well as in the boat at Mekong river. Plenty of pictures  to share…..


Wing Fatt <> wrote